App "Zoo Adventures”

Turn your visit to Schönbrunn Zoo into a voyage of discovery with the free "Zoo Adventures" app. The best-selling author Thomas Brezina takes visitors behind the scenes in videos and photos, narrates some fascinating stories and lets you in on some animal keepers’ secrets. Quiz questions and interactive features make the app fun for the whole family.

Choose between two tours

The “Dangerous Animals” tour takes you past tigers and hippos, amongst other animals. On it, you will learn not only what makes these animals so dangerous, but also how much meat a tiger eats every day and how to scrub a hippo’s back. On the “My Favourite Animals” tour, you will get to visit sloths and penguins, to name but two animals. Thomas Brezina takes visitors on a guided tour of his favourite animals in the app, and is already working on the next tour.

Glimpse behind the scenes

The app obviously concentrates on the animals in the zoo, which have to be found by answering some tricky quiz questions. Learn some amazing facts by standing in front of the enclosures with your handy: from the feeding of the crocodiles, which always has to take place before the zoo opens, pedicures for elephants, or even about working with poisonous snakes.

The free “Zoo Adventures by Thomas Brezina” app can be downloaded from the Apple App-Store (for iOS devices) and the Google Play Store (for android devices).