The Little Zoo Explorer "Polar Bear"

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The children’s book series „The Little Zoo Explorer“ provides cute photos, fun puzzles and easy-to-understand texts. Why do polar bears have black skin? Why don’t they eat penguins? The Little ‘Polar Bear’ Zoo Explorer has the answers to exciting questions about how endangered polar bears live in zoos and in their natural habitat, the Arctic.

Get to know the "kings and queens of the Arctic" in 5 chapters: from their way of life to the rearing of their young. In addition to tricky riddles and a puzzle kids can get creative colouring a polar bear and writing their own polar bear story.

Product details
The Little Zoo Explorer. Polar Bear.
written by Johanna Bukovsky and pictures by Daniel Zupanc
ISBN: 978-3-902644-30-5
KIKO Verlag, 64 pages, 14 x 14 cm


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