Research Strategy

Research strategy

Beyond recreation, education and species protection, research is one of the key tasks of modern zoos. We at Schönbrunn Zoo fully recognize the important role that zoo research plays in animal welfare, nature conservation and species protection, and we strive to contribute significantly to increasing scientific knowledge in these fields.

Research vision

Active research at Schönbrunn Zoo provides a foundation for animal welfare, nature conservation and species protection worldwide

The research results generated at Schönbrunn Zoo are a cornerstone for preserving biodiversity. They help us understand and anchor our relationship with nature and provide insights for a sustainable lifestyle. They are also crucial for our continued efforts to improve the conditions for our zoo residents.

Research mission

The zoo operates, supports and funds scientific projects that either directly or indirectly serve the zoo’s overall vision, namely “to protect and preserve animal species in their natural habitats.” This research should support our stated mission: “We inspire our guests to appreciate the animal world and promote awareness for nature conservation and species protection.”

Focus and funding

We prioritize research topics that are particularly urgent. This refers to the degree of threat the animal species faces or to necessary improvements in keeping conditions. The recommendations of the responsible Taxon Advisory Groups (TAGs) play an important role in this respect. One particular focus is on our native fauna.

The zoo is largely dependent on external funding for its research work. This encompasses scientific funding agencies (FWF, ÖNB, BMWF) as well as corporate sponsors (Austrian Lotteries).