Combined ticket

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Important note

Inquire about the opening times of the respective institutions when buying and redeeming combination tickets!

Combined tickets are available at the zoo and the participating destinations.

Winter Pass

Available from November 3th until March 31st
Visit Schönbrunn Zoo, the Palm House, the Desert Experience House and Schönbrunn Palace (incl. audio guide) with the Winter Pass. The Schönbrunn Winter Pass entitles you to one visit to the attractions included. Valid for admission to the Palace on the day selected at the time selected; single admission to the other included attractions to the end of the season (31 March 2023). Visit also possible on different days. The Winter Pass represents a saving of around 25% for adults.

Adults€ 52
Children and youth *€ 34,50,-

Combination pass: Schönbrunn Zoo, Palm House and Desert House (Palmenhaus und Wüstenhaus)

Good for one year for a one-time admission to each attraction.

 Individual priceGroup rate (10 or more persons)
Adults€ 34€ 31
Children and youth *€ 21€ 18
Disabled persons (50%+)€ 21€ 18
Children aged 5 and underfreefree

Combi-Ticket: Schönbrunn Zoo and Giant Ferris Wheel

The zoo and the Giant Ferris Wheel (Riesenrad) are offering a combination pass at an exceptional bargain rate. It is good for a year from the date of purchase and entitles the ticket holder to a one-time admission to the Giant Ferris Wheel and to the Schönbrunn Zoo. Compared to individual passes, you save about 25 percent!

Adults€ 31,50
Children and youth **€ 17
Children aged 5 and underfree
Children 3 to 6 years old on the Giant Ferris Wheel€ 6,50


Combined ticket: Schönbrunn Zoo and Danube Tower

Entitles you to one visit each to Schönbrunn Zoo and to the Danube Tower within one year. You save 20 percent compared to the individual tickets!

Adults€ 35
Children and adolescents up to their 15th birthday€ 20
Children up to their 6th birthday at the zoo and the Danube Towerfree
Children 3 to 6 years old on the Danube Tower€ 5,40

Classic Pass Plus

available from 1 April to 2 November at Schönbrunn Palace and online from
Visit Schönbrunn Zoo, Schönbrunn Palace (Grand Tour with audio guide), the Crown Prince Gardens, the Gloriette viewing terrace, the Maze & Labyrinth and the Orangery gardens with a Classic Pass Plus. The ticket is valid for a visit to the palace on the chosen day at the chosen time and can be used for one-time admission to the other attractions at any point until the end of the season on 3 November. The Classic Pass Plus represents a saving of around 30% for adults.

Adults€ 69
Children and young adults  (aged 6-18)€ 49
Vienna City Card€ 59

Schönbrunn Zoo, Children’s Museum and Labyrinth & Maze

available from 1 April-2 November 
The perfect ticket for families! See the animals at the zoo, find out all about family life for the ruling Habsburgs at the Schönbrunn Palace Children’s Museum and stroll through the Maze & Labyrinth in the grounds – fun for visitors of all ages! Save 20% on the individual ticket price for each attraction!

Adults€ 32
Children and young adults  (aged 6-18)€ 23

Vienna City Card

Holders of the Vienna City Card can buy the day pass for the zoo for € 22,-.
To the Vienna City Card

 *) from 6 to 19 years old
**) from 6 to 15 years old