Global coalition: We are fighting species extinctions

Giant pandas, polar bears and Amur leopards live their lives in safety at the zoo. The situation, however, looks very dire for their kin in the wild. This explains why Schönbrunn Zoo is a member of the global coalition #UnitedforBiodiversity, an initiative of Virginijus Sinkevičius, EU Commissioner for the Environment and Oceans. National parks, zoos, natural history museums and research centers from all around the world have come together to help combat species extinctions.

A million animals and plant species are currently threatened, and scientists are unanimous in their opinion: Preserving biological diversity is the greatest challenge of the coming century. Every animal and plant species that goes extinct is lost forever and can unbalance the overall ecosystem – with major repercussions for humankind.

Our zoo animals are important ambassadors for their endangered kin in the wild. With every purchased entry ticket, our visitors enable us to support species protection projects in Austria and around the globe: this means you are contributing to saving the northern river terrapin (batagur) in Bangladesh, supporting the reforestation of bamboo forests for the Giant panda in China, and being in the front seat when the Ural owl is re-introduced to our own forests.

The zoo is also an official supporter of the "UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration" – an environmental initiative of the United Nations. The focus up until 2030 will be on those valuable and unique habitats, both terrestrial and aquatic, that must be preserved at all costs. After all, ecosystems are the foundation for all life on our planet and we are called upon to act now to preserve their biodiversity.