Species conservation exhibition in the Big Cat House

Join the barbary apes in searching for food, test your “elephant” memory with a game of Memory, and win a toy northern river terrapin (batagur) on the prize wheel. The species protection exhibition at the Big Cat House introduces visitors both young and old to endangered animal species and shows what the zoo is doing to help protect them. Many exciting stations lead you to species protection projects in Austria and around the globe.

The zoo has been involved in many projects for years and even decades. These projects are dear to our hearts and we are proud to present them here. Visitors can try to spot the pandas on a screen at the Red panda station; the screen is dimmed to simulate the bamboo forest at night, when the pandas are up and about. You can also listen to the sounds of marmots and chamois around the station devoted to the bearded vulture project.

Packages with game stations are distributed throughout the room. Every package represents a symbolic “thank you” to our visitors and was “packed” by an endangered animal species that we are supporting. The Giant pandas, for example, are represented by a package with a family photo album showing all the pandas that have lived in Schönbrunn. After all, zoo visitor entry fees and your donations help support our commitment to protect pandas, elephants & Co. in their native habitats.