Species protection events

Species protection: an adventure

Under the motto “species protection: an adventure” the zoo has dotted the year with a series of “days of action” involving programs for the whole family. Some of the occasions include International Polar Bear Day, World Oceans Day or “species protection at our doorstep” as a more general approach. The offerings and activities include information booths, puzzle rallies, game corners and arts-and-crafts tables – guaranteed fun and information for the whole family. At the “species protection days” in late summer every year, many nature conservation and species protection organizations join us in presenting their work.

Guided tours and workshops

Those who prefer a personal touch can book a guided tour to those zoo animals that are threatened with extinction. A special offer awaits school classes: species protection workshops. Kids aged 8 to 12 can use a deck of special cards to put together a penguin breeding group, or they can make a flying object to reflect the way the bald ibises are re-introduced into the wild and taught to migrate south. Species protection is at the heart of all the guided tours and other exclusive events at the zoo. To the events at the zoo

Mag. Hanno Fürnwein, director of the zoo-education department: “We strive to convey to our visitors the importance of preserving biodiversity as well as of thinking and acting sustainably. We have put together a wide range of workshops and guided tours designed especially for schools and kindergartens. After all, today’s children are tomorrow’s nature conservationists.”