The World´s oldest zoo

Part of the imperial summer residence of Schönbrunn, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the world's oldest zoo is indeed an unforgettable experience, and one that no visitor to Vienna should miss. Along with the historic complexes of the former "menagerie" of Emperor Francis Stephen of  Lorraine, visitors discover what is perhaps the world's most beautiful zoo in a unique setting where culture and nature blend. More than 700 animal species, some of them threatened, have found a home here and a chance for survival as a species.

From A as in anteater to Z as in zebra: A visit to the Schönbrunn Zoo is a tour through every continent in the fascinating world of animals. See giant pandas, Siberian tigers, orangutans, and elephants, or immerse yourself in the Amazon and experience the tropical rain forest. A visit to the zoo offers young and old alike an enjoyable vacation in an incomparable setting and interesting insights into our nature and species conservation work.

Modern zoos such as the Schönbrunn Zoo have become educational centers; they are showcases for teaching and research, and valuable partners for many nature and species conservation projects. Not only are the knowledge and experience of zoologists, veterinarians, and keepers available for such projects, but so are the threatened animal species that have been carefully bred in the scope of the international zoo network. With your admission fee, and more especially through your interest in the animals and the work of the zoo, you are supporting our efforts in nature and species conservation!